• What is Cyclorama Cove?

A Cove is a solid, built-in seamless transition between floor and wall. This allows for a smooth, clean gradient in the background of your photos and eliminates the look of ‘being in a regular room’. You can always create the same ‘seamless’ look with paper backdrops but they are expensive and tear easily when stepped on.

The white cove at Studio 207 can be painted freshly white for your shoot, simply choose it at checkout.

  • What days are the studio is available?

You can see by going to the Availability Calendar here

  • Do you have any Studio Discounts?

Yes! Join our Artist Community here  & Follow us on Instagram to see updates with discounts and promotions @studio207to

  • What are your prices?

We have some of the best prices in Toronto for a downtown location or anywhere else. Half-day creatives are $140 and full-day are $260 + HST. More Pricing Info here

  • What are your COVID-19 policies?

Please click here for information about the policies we’ve enacted and steps we’re taking to help you stay safe at Studio 207.

  • What lights do I have to rent?

You can always choose to just rent 1 light and choose 1 modifier as well, but it’s nice to have the versatility and try multiple things when it doesn’t cost much more to do so.

You can find Photo & Video Lighting Info here

  • What kind of power access does the unit have?

Our outlets are clearly marked to assure you do not trip a fuse. You can plug in up to 3000 Watts of continuous light and unlimited Flash Based Lighting.

  • Do you have Parking and Elevators?

Parking is available in the Green P parking lots located at Liberty Street and Jefferson Ave as well as Liberty St and Atlantic Ave.

The studio does not have elevators. We are on the second floor by the staircase.

  • What Equipment is Included in the Studio Rental?

Lights and Seamless Papers are NOT included.

We include stands, grips, reflectors, a kitchen, fridge, clothing rack, AC, 10 chairs, 5 stools, a steamer, an iron, a ladder, a sound system, and good times! There is a full list of included equipment on our What’s Included? page

  •  What is the Studio Artist Community?

The Artist Community will provide access to free workshops, online tutorials, and social events so that you can learn and make connections to help your photography career. Follow us on Instagram and join our Facebook Group page for news @studio207to

  • More information about the white cove

The size of the cove is 10 x 12 ft. You can choose to have it repainted or not. If you plan on not seeing the floor in your images, then repainting is not needed. Read more about the Cove & Backgrounds here

  • What Furniture or Props are available?

 We have foldable chairs, stools, and a sofa. Anything you see in our studio gallery images is what we have onsite. For more information on future additions, follow us on Instagram @studio207to

  • Monthly rental pricing?

 Yes! Please email us and we will discuss it with you.

  •  How can I get my Damage Deposit refund?

We cancel your Damage Deposit pre-authorization within 2 days of your checkout. It is never charged to your card, only held. If there is any balance outstanding, we will wait until that is paid before canceling the deposit.

  • Do you have a makeup area?

 Yes. We do have a makeup area, change room, and hangers for clothing.

  • Privacy of the place

 The studio is private. The studio owner or manager may be onsite in the office, if you need full privacy for any reason, please contact us and request it.

  • Can I rent the studio for my private party?

 Unfortunately, no. We do not allow parties or social events of any kind, it’s for professional use only.