COVID-19 Policies

Safety is paramount at Studio 207, which is why we have modified our policies and taken steps to ensure our guests’ safety while at our studio. We sanitize between each rental and ensure that there is only ever 1 party inside the studio at a given time.

We ask that our guests help us ensure the safety of their production team and other guests by following these policies while at Studio 207:

Contact Tracing

Whomever books the studio needs to know everyone who comes to the production. It is your responsibility to have the email and phone number of each participant, so that in the event anyone at the production tests positive, all the others can be contacted and told to go get themselves tested as well.


Please mask as much as possible. You could have COVID, be asymptotic and spread it to others. You mask to protect others; they mask to protect you.


Wash hands, disinfect cameras, equipment, tools of trade and anything else that you can, to maintain a proper sterile environment. It’s really about doing as much as possible to prevent transmission.

Group Size

Follow Toronto/Ontario guidelines for current allowable indoor group sizes. Our studio is by appointment only, so there is no public traffic or unknown visitors. We have a deck in the back where extra
people can wait if you need a large group size to be at the production. You are in charge of your group and the management of it.

Timely Exits & Entries

Every Half Day & Full Day Booking is allowed in 15 min before their booking and needs to be completely out 15 minutes after the end of their booking time. These rules have always been in place, but it’s even more important now as extra time is taken by us to sanitize and clean between rentals.


We need to work and keep going in our businesses, so let’s do it safely and responsibly. Just remember, observing protocols is about making others feels safe and doing our part to ensure that the city and the country stay open and recover quickly. No one wants another lockdown. Especially us artists.

GO BE CREATIVE! And stay healthy.